Cloud Computing – Creating Job Opportunities in Recession Economy

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Finding job opportunities seems to be getting much harder, as we are in a recession economy.

The Internet has become the playground for highly successful ventures. You’ll see a lot of opportunities if you just look at the Internet from the business angle.

Just through being a bit curious, you’ll soon find out that companies as well as web portals are hiring people to engage with their readers or customers online, if you are a social media addict. Some others will need forum moderators or blog commenter so as to give a two-way communication with their community.

You’ll find out that there’s a growing need for writing good and unique content to release all over the Internet so as to increase the reputation and visibility of one company if you like writing short articles. This is what is usually called “article marketing”.

Some other companies delegate the management of their trouble ticketing system to outsourcers that use an internet-based Customer Relationship Management system. Those outsourcers either have to manage e-mails or calls on behalf of the company’s staff.

Finally, you have surely seen that the business of web hosting and all related service is still growing strong since the demand for publishing and hosting data on the internet is ever-growing. Behind this, there’s a big industry of web business: web development, SEO, content writing, community management…

You’ll see that all those jobs will require internet access and a human being who can manage it all from behind. If becoming one of the most “hiring” platforms out there, while this list isn’t exhaustive, it will just give you an overview of how the Internet.

Cloud computing advantage
It can free you from being located in one single physical location: The primary requirement is that you need to have an online access, as your assets are online. So, whether you want to work from home, somewhere in a co-working space, or right from the café on the corner – as long as you have a decent internet access, you can get to work

No huge capital investment: on a cloud computing scheme, you only pay for what you actually use. The billing scheme is based on the number of users per month and can scale up and down depending on your needs if we take for example a Hosted Exchange solution. If you use another solution for managing your own billing system, chances are that you’ll only have to pay for the number of clients that you have on your portfolio, now.

State-of-the-art system: cloud computing solutions are usually backed-up by highly competent staff as well as robust infrastructure. Most cloud-computing providers rely on their reputation so as to attract more customers: this usually means that they pride on having the best customer support.

To sum-up, the opportunities to venture into online entrepreneurship are huge. If you are a freelancer, you want to focus on delivering your service so as to satisfy your customers, you don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out how to implement IT systems, nor how to troubleshoot them. This is where cloud computing comes handy since you’ll be “outsourcing” the technical and IT matters to highly competent cloud provider.