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How to turn your dopey idea into something great

At the memorial for his recently departed friend, Jony Ive recounted how he and Steve Jobs shared delicate new — and sometimes crazy — ideas in the pursuit of making something great. “Steve used to say to me — and he used to say this a lot — ’Hey Jony, here’s a dopey idea.’ And sometimes they were. Really dopey. Sometimes they were truly dreadful. But sometimes they took the air from the room and they left us both completely silent. Bold, crazy, magnificent ideas.” — source You can picture the scene: Two great thinkers, creating the space to share ideas, no matter how bad they might be. Playing with…

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How to turn on the ‘Cool color temperature’ feature in Android N

Android N.

Google has included a small but most welcome new feature in the developer preview of Android N, the next version of Google’s mobile operating system: You can now lower the color temperature on your screen. There’s no slider for you to go exactly to the white balance you want, but turning on the new feature results in a display with noticeably more subdued colors.

With the new feature toggled off, the white appears to have a slight orange hue, but with it on, the orange is replaced by an ever so subtle light blue. At least for me, the display of my Nexus 5X review unit is a little bit easier on the eyes. And that’s important for a person who looks at a screen for several hours each day.

The feature comes to Android after Apple has introduced a Night Shift feature to iOS that resembles the effect of the F.lux app for Mac. For years, Android users have relied on third-party apps such as Lux, SunFilter, and Twilight to adjust device color temperature. Now it’s a first-party component of Android — or at least in this initial developer preview, anyway.

Here’s how you turn on the new feature.

  1. Get the developer preview of Android N. You can either manually flash the device with the right image of the preview version of the OS for your device, or you can sign up for the new Android Beta Program to get an over-the-air (OTA) update. (If you ask me, I’d choose the latter, because you can automatically have Google flash your device with OTA updates as they become available. Otherwise, you’ll have to manually flash every update yourself.)
  2. Enable Android’s developer options. Go into the Settings app, Go to “About phone” at the bottom,and tap “Build number” seven times fast. You should be informed that you are now officially recognized as a developer.
  3. Turn on “Cool color temperature.” Go back one screen to the main menu in the Settings app. Scroll down and select the newly unlocked “Developer options.” The tenth option from the top should be the new “Cool color temperature” switch. Hit that switch, and then turn off the screen. Then turn the screen back on.


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