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Watch Andy Serkis Give You a History of Performance-Capture Technology

For more than 15 years, Andy Serkis has been Hollywood’s go-to performance-capture guy, playing such digitally enhanced characters as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings series, Caesar in the recent Planet of the Apes films, and even King Kong himself. But the 53-year-old actor—whose directorial debut, Breathe, hit theaters earlier this month—believes there are still plenty of misconceptions about one of filmmaking’s most crucial innovations. “It’s not just about mimicking behavior,” Serkis says. “This is about creating a character.”

And if anyone could tell people a thing or two about performance-capture tech, it’s Serkis. In fact, he could teach a master class. In the video above he traces the history of the technology, from its early days as a videogame innovation to the glory days of Gollum to this summer’s stunning War for the Planet of the Apes, perhaps the most impressive merger yet between high-end technology and big-hearted performance. In the early motion-capture days, he says, playing a creature like Gollum—which required him to watch his virtual performance in real time on a monitor—was “like being a puppeteer and a marionette at the same time.” By the time of 2005’s King Kong, he had moved into the realm of performance-capture, allowing him to craft detailed facial expressions: “It’s almost like looking at a costume that you’re going to put on [or] choose as an actor,” he says. “And you find a relationship between yourself and the avatar.”

Later films like Tintin and the Planet of the Apes, made with the help of head-mounted cameras, gave him greater mobility—though they’d also require him to work in all sorts of challenging environments. (You think your job’s tough? Try wearing a full body suit in 100 percent Louisiana humidity, as Serkis did during 2015’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.) Ultimately, he says, working with the technology “[is] no different than any process you go through to create a role, whether you’re on a stage, or in front of a screen in a more conventional sense. The actor’s performance is the actor’s performance.” Sounds like he captured it perfectly.


Tracking the Customer's Choice with the Help of Technology

Technology is a boon to the people of the present era and it is giving out some of the best outcomes of every single search. Everybody at present days doesn’t get out for shopping because the online platform has got all the business-backed up in there. Everything from shopping for groceries till profit making everything is available in online. It is just people’s mindset to buy something in real time or in online. According to the reports, most of the population have started buying in online which is making everything simple.

Know your customer likes

Every product or business has got a set of customer attraction. The first gap between the customer and the producer happens without knowing their interests and that gap can be filled up with the help of attribution marketing. The special skills of marketing which is attracting the people in various areas like covering their attention in social media page, search results and Pay per Click. To manage the attention of people there is a need for a tool which helps to reduce the man work in a short span of time.

The exact tool

A tool can necessarily solve all the problems which can surely reduce the human work. The tool gives the proper machine learning which can help the investors to spend only a limited amount of money for marketing. The tool helps to clear off the doubts where the money can be invested. Choosing some of the better tools for can minimize the work burdens which are associated with finding the choice of the customer. The tool helps to analyze whether first click or last click gives the right channel of sale. Only a tool can clearly understand and give out the output of attribution model without taking too much of time. Even the tool is used to track the offline conversions and manage everything effectively.

The business people can surely understand exactly how much amount of money should be provided for every single channel without any time delay. The working time of the business people is reduced with the help of utilizing the tool which can give fast working results in a short span of time. Just let your Marketing Campaigns begin with the availability of the best tool in the market which comes with affordable prices.

Investing money for business is really a big thing and people need to know where the profit can come from. The highly intelligent tool can really help people to identify where more customers are buzzing and give out the right solution for investment. Everything becomes quite simple with the help of internet and even tracking the customer’s choice of products can be found with the tool. There are several models in tools choose your need and track the choice and liking of your customer without any issues. Every single touch point inside your website or page can be tracked perfectly with the help of tools and thus it can give the clarified data form for where to invest more and gain profit.

Get started ahead

The start which your company is about to make should begin with better out-coming results. The tools give the best start which you have always wanted. It gives an idea for where to fund and where to advertise much better with the inauguration of marketing campaigns and other solutions for developing your business without any delays. Know your customer with the advanced attribution marketing tool which is now available at cost-effective prices. Knowing your customer can simply happen with the help of tool which can leverage your business to lofty heights. The tool helps to

·         Capture

·         Evaluate

·         Assess

Every single piece of data which your business has got and try to channel that into profit within a short span of time. Optimizing your business revenue becomes so simple with the help of such kinds of better tools which are available at online. Use some of the cool trafficking methods to track your business in the better way. It is far better for your business to get upgraded in various ways and travel down the business path with profit-seeking techniques.

Path to success

The path to successive sales can easily happen with one of the best tools for attribute marketing in the present day. Even cross-domain or cross sites can be covered with the help of tools. The tools are the better and easy to implement. They are an easy way to follow up the work. Even a genuine tool can surely store 90 days of backup for customer’s touch point are saved. It is very simple for business people to implement money where your clients are spending time and increase the sale without losing time. Implement money on the best tools which are now available in online and bring out better benefits for your business.