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Now you can live in a ‘Tesla town’; for the right price



You too can live in a suburb from the future. A new development in Australia is offering home owners a solar panel setup including Tesla’s home battery, the Powerwall as something a little extra.

The YarraBend development is currently in the works for Melbourne, Australia. The 16.5 hectare (40.8 acre) site will become a new suburb to the northeast of the city centre, developed by Glenvill and Alpha Partners.

On its site, it bills itself as the world’s first “Tesla suburb.”

Image: Glenvill

According to Fairfax Media, 60 homes in the development will have a standard inclusion of the Tesla Powerwall, inverters and solar panels. The green package won’t come cheap, however. Homes will likely go for between A$ 1.48 million ($ 11.2 million) and A$ 2.1 million ($ 1.6 million). Read more…

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