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Tracking the Customer's Choice with the Help of Technology

Technology is a boon to the people of the present era and it is giving out some of the best outcomes of every single search. Everybody at present days doesn’t get out for shopping because the online platform has got all the business-backed up in there. Everything from shopping for groceries till profit making everything is available in online. It is just people’s mindset to buy something in real time or in online. According to the reports, most of the population have started buying in online which is making everything simple.

Know your customer likes

Every product or business has got a set of customer attraction. The first gap between the customer and the producer happens without knowing their interests and that gap can be filled up with the help of attribution marketing. The special skills of marketing which is attracting the people in various areas like covering their attention in social media page, search results and Pay per Click. To manage the attention of people there is a need for a tool which helps to reduce the man work in a short span of time.

The exact tool

A tool can necessarily solve all the problems which can surely reduce the human work. The tool gives the proper machine learning which can help the investors to spend only a limited amount of money for marketing. The tool helps to clear off the doubts where the money can be invested. Choosing some of the better tools for can minimize the work burdens which are associated with finding the choice of the customer. The tool helps to analyze whether first click or last click gives the right channel of sale. Only a tool can clearly understand and give out the output of attribution model without taking too much of time. Even the tool is used to track the offline conversions and manage everything effectively.

The business people can surely understand exactly how much amount of money should be provided for every single channel without any time delay. The working time of the business people is reduced with the help of utilizing the tool which can give fast working results in a short span of time. Just let your Marketing Campaigns begin with the availability of the best tool in the market which comes with affordable prices.

Investing money for business is really a big thing and people need to know where the profit can come from. The highly intelligent tool can really help people to identify where more customers are buzzing and give out the right solution for investment. Everything becomes quite simple with the help of internet and even tracking the customer’s choice of products can be found with the tool. There are several models in tools choose your need and track the choice and liking of your customer without any issues. Every single touch point inside your website or page can be tracked perfectly with the help of tools and thus it can give the clarified data form for where to invest more and gain profit.

Get started ahead

The start which your company is about to make should begin with better out-coming results. The tools give the best start which you have always wanted. It gives an idea for where to fund and where to advertise much better with the inauguration of marketing campaigns and other solutions for developing your business without any delays. Know your customer with the advanced attribution marketing tool which is now available at cost-effective prices. Knowing your customer can simply happen with the help of tool which can leverage your business to lofty heights. The tool helps to

·         Capture

·         Evaluate

·         Assess

Every single piece of data which your business has got and try to channel that into profit within a short span of time. Optimizing your business revenue becomes so simple with the help of such kinds of better tools which are available at online. Use some of the cool trafficking methods to track your business in the better way. It is far better for your business to get upgraded in various ways and travel down the business path with profit-seeking techniques.

Path to success

The path to successive sales can easily happen with one of the best tools for attribute marketing in the present day. Even cross-domain or cross sites can be covered with the help of tools. The tools are the better and easy to implement. They are an easy way to follow up the work. Even a genuine tool can surely store 90 days of backup for customer’s touch point are saved. It is very simple for business people to implement money where your clients are spending time and increase the sale without losing time. Implement money on the best tools which are now available in online and bring out better benefits for your business.   


Facebook will help investigators release Russia ads, Sandberg tells Axios

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Facebook Inc (FB.O) Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said on Thursday the company was fully committed to helping U.S. congressional investigators publicly release Russia-backed political ads that ran during the 2016 U.S. election.

“Things happened on our platform in this election that should not have happened,” Sandberg said during a interview in Washington with the Axios news website. “We told Congress and the intelligence committees that when they are ready to release the ads, we are ready to help them.”

The live interview was the first by a senior Facebook executive since the company disclosed last month it had found some 3,000 politically divisive ads believed to have been bought by Russia in the months before and after the presidential campaign.

The interview with Sandberg came during a multi-day visit to Washington that included meetings with U.S. lawmakers. On Wednesday, she met privately with the leaders of the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation.

Sandberg’s outreach comes as the social media giant and other major internet firms, including Alphabet’s Google (GOOGL.O) and Twitter (TWTR.N), are on the defensive as they try to limit the fallout from a torrent of new revelations about how Moscow sought to use their platforms as vehicles to sow discord in the United States and to influence the election.

Sandberg told Axios the company began hearing rumors of Russian attempts to use the platform to spread propaganda around election day last November, but did not give a precise timeline about when the company began its review.

Sandberg said she supported the public release of those ads, and the pages they were connected to. Information about how the ads were targeted toward specific kinds of users would also be released, she said.

Asked if Facebook contributed to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s defeat last year, Sandberg, an open Clinton supporter during the campaign, did not answer directly, but said it was important the website was “free from abuse” during any election in any country.

But Sandberg acknowledged the company had erred in how it handled the issue of foreign interference last year.

”It’s not just that we apologize. We’re angry, we’re upset. But what we really owe the American people is determination“ to do a better job of preventing foreign meddling,” she said.

“We don’t want this kind of foreign interference” on Facebook, Sandberg added. “Any time there is abuse on our platform, it troubles us. It troubles us deeply.”

She said the company had been too permissive at times in terms of how advertisers are allowed to target users, and that Facebook did not want to allow ads that may be “discriminatory.”

Still, Sandberg said it was important to protect “free expression” on Facebook. Had the Russian ads been bought by legitimate accounts instead of fraudulent ones, many would have been allowed to run on the site, she said.

She also criticized Twitter’s decision this week to remove a campaign video from Republican Representative Marsha Blackburn, who is running for Senate in Tennessee. Twitter took down the video, saying a remark Blackburn made about opposing abortion was inflammatory, but later recanted.

“In that ad, there are a lot of things that people don’t like, that I don’t like … But the question is, ‘Should divisive political or issue ads run?’ Our answer is yes, because when you cut off speech for one person you cut off speech for all people,” she said.

Sandberg said the company wanted other internet firms to work to make ad purchases more transparent, but said Facebook was still talking about the issue with lawmakers who want to introduce legislation on the topic.

Representatives from Facebook, Google and Twitter are expected to testify about Russian influence at hearings before the Senate and House intelligence committees on Nov. 1.

Additional reporting by Makini Brice; Editing by Bernadette Baum


How Flowers Help Us Understand Why Bridges Collapse

The catastrophic collapse of Washington State’s Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940 launched intensive research into the aerodynamics of bridge design. Now a team of South Korean scientists have identified a geometric structure that can better withstand the complicated aerodynamic forces at play—and they found their inspiration in the shape of a daffodil stem.

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Proposed US law would require tech companies to help defeat encryption

A proposal from two senior U.S. senators would force tech companies to give technical assistance to law enforcement agencies trying to break into smartphones and other encrypted devices.

The draft bill, released Friday by Senators Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein, would allow judges to order tech companies to comply with requests from the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to help them break into devices. Burr, a North Carolina Republican, is chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee; Feinstein, from California, is the panel’s senior Democrat.

“All persons receiving an authorized judicial order for information or data must provide, in a timely manner, responsive, intelligible information or data, or appropriate technical assistance,” the draft bill says.

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Amazon Cloud, Analytics Help Researchers Fight Famine

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Researchers in the US and China explore rice genomes with AWS analytics tools to develop drought and disease resistant crops.
InformationWeek: Cloud

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