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Jahia Webinar Will Discuss Building Trust with Customers

Jahia Webinar Will Discuss Building Trust with Customers

The glue to any strong relationship is trust, be it between a parent and child, husband and wife, or a brand and its customers.  Establish trust and an emotional connection, and you’ll build lifetime loyalty and an unbreakable bond. Executives from Geneva, Switzerland-based digital experience provider Jahia Solutions will go

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11 ways to encourage your customers to share your content



While there isn’t any one magic solution to making business content go viral, you should be doing everything you can to create the most shareable content as possible. This includes incentivizing not only your team, but also your customers, to post it on their social networks.

11 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) explain best strategies for doing so without seeming overbearing

1. Create great content

Diana Goodwin

If you create great content that resonates with your customers and also provides value to their friends and family members (such as a useful statistic, a fun video, actionable promotion, etc.), they will be much more likely to share it. People will share things that they think their network will enjoy and benefit from Read more…

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